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When will kali yuga end?

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There were many rumours that kaliyuga would end by 2000. Now, also there are many rumours that, we are at the end of the kaliyuga, and there are so many people publicizing themselves as Kalki. This is absolutely not true. These rumours were created by the so-called astrologers, swamis for their personal benefit. Kaliyuga started just 5100 years back, and it takes 4,26,900 years more to complete, and Kalki will come at the end of this yuga. All the so called kalkis are only bogus people, they are NOT Gods.


There are four yugas, namely Kritha yuga, Tretha yuga, Dwapara yuga, and Kali yuga. Kali yuga spans 4,32,000 years. Dwapara yuga spans twice as of kali yuga, Tretha yuga spans thirce as of Kali yuga, and Kritha yuga spans four times as of Kali yuga.

YugaTime Period
Kritha Yuga17,28,000 years
Tretha Yuga12,96,000 years
Dwapara Yuga8,64,000 years
Kali Yuga4,32,000 years

All the four yugas combined together is called Maha Yuga. One maha yuga comprises of 43,20,000 years. 1000 maha yugas are equivalent to the day of the Brahma. Brahma's night is also of the same time. Brahma's one day is equivalent to 864,00,00,000 years. Brahma's one second is equivalent to 1,00,000 years on earth. Brahma lives like this for 100 years, and the entire life time of brahma is equivalent to one breath of Sri Maha Vishnu. When Sri Maha Vishnu exhilirates, the entire world is created, and when he annihilates the entire world is destroyed. The timespan between his exhiliration and annihilation is equivalent to 100 years for Brahma.

Kali yuga started the day Lord Krishna left for spiritual world from this material world. It was around 5100 years back, and it takes 4,26,900 more years for kaliyuga to complete. At the end of the kali yuga, when there is no dharma, Kalki will come and kill all bad people. All the present kalkis are only bogus people, and they are not Gods.